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Born Kyle Melerski, Kal M is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Erie, Pennsylvania. Before signing his most recent licensing deal with Noma Music to have his sounds be heard throughout the UK and Europe, Kal M grew up as an active athlete, playing hockey, running track, and playing other sports up until college. Aside from his love for sports, he also had a passion for music, which he had discovered after attending many of his favorite musical artists' concerts and singing at high school events.

In an adventure to pursue a career in his new found passion for music, Kal M moved out to Los Angeles, California in 2011. Aside from appearing on the Price is Right as a winning contestant in 2011, later on in time Kal M partnered up with producer T. Brown to create his first few records such as, "Nowhere," featuring Capital Records recording artist Lil Zane, and "Stay Awhile," which was picked up and distributed digitally under Famous Records. In late 2014, Kal M linked up with producer DJ Clayton William to create his EP titled, "The Journey to You". The five records that make up the EP are songs that express messages that Kal M wants all his fans to embrace. In only a m

onth of gaining 2,500 plus followers on Instagram, Kal M intends to stay dedicated to writing music that makes his fans feel good about who they are, to be confident and uplifting no matter who or what tries to bring them down. The EP, "The Journey to You" was released on March 31, 2015 and is on all major online platforms including iTunes and Amazon. Kyle is now in the process of making music videos for two of the songs, "The Real You" and "Alive," from his album. Kal M's music has had interest from multiple music publishers and will be heard by numerous radio DJs and music industry professionals on the West Coast due to the network he has built in Los Angeles.

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